Sunday, December 22, 2013

This Tool Can Be Very Useful When Promoting My Fun Life

Hello I needed to make a post about a tool I just found that can be very useful when promoting MFL, It is a new HTML5 video player.

This player allows you to instantly generate incredible
looking custom designed video players that are unique to
your site and make your videos truly stand out.

There are also almost 100 custom settings to create some
amazing video effects and marketing tools, for example:

- Latest HTML5 Video Designer Options

- Select Ready To Go Themes or Create Your Own

- Generate your own “Never Seen Before”video player templates

- Add/Remove Video Controls

- Fully manage your video player design

- Custom Pre & Post View Images

- Setup different custom video flies for mobile devices
  including   including: mp4, m4v, mov, webm, ogg & 3gp.

- Custom Device Actions for Mobile, Tablet and Desktop

- Designed For Direct Video Files and YouTube Videos

- Redirect Viewers During or After The Video

- Add Custom Animated Images

- Custom In-Built Auto-Responder

- And Opt-In From Generator

- Social Share options for Facebook, Google-Plus, Twitter and LinkedIn

- Video Trimmer With Custom Start And End Times

- Add Affiliate Banners, Images and Links

- And Almost 100 Custom Settings And Options!!

Here is an example how the new video player can be used

If you want to learn more about the Custom Video Player you can do it HERE       


Why You Should Join My Fun Life Today

Still on the fence why you should join My Fun Life?

Well I don´t blame you.. When I joined  MFL about 4 months ago I was thrilled to finally get started in an online company from the start up and also saw the huge potential this company had and at such a low fee to join, it was really a no brainer.

But it did not turned out like I thought it would. The reason was the sponsor I signed up below did not give me any feedback or help to get me started with the program. After been struggling for awhile (on top of that my computer crashed) I decided to rejoin my fun life below a sponsor that was helpful and successful with the program.

So I found David Dubbs, he was at the first position in the company and was bringing in new members every single day and he also received a diamond level in less then one week... 

When joining through our team you will get an internal training (only for our team members) see picture below...

Watch the latest video from our team leader David where he points out how people can benefit of joining My Fun Life today...



How Do We Make Money With MyFunLife? (UPDATED)

Here is how the compensation plan for MFL works...
(please watch the whole video to not miss out on the compensation plan)



How To get Qualified For The Car Bonus..


David brought in people like crazy and got into the diamond level after only 6 days! and also was the first to receive his car bonus... 

Are you ready to make a commitment to yourself to make this work then join our team and you can get started as soon as today and you will get full training and support from us

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

MyFunLife Is Raising The Bar - Big Time (UPDATED)

I have been an online entrepreneur since 2006 and have seen many MLM companies that promise everything on their website come and go. But when I was introduced to MyFunLife there was a different approach how they did market their business...

First I signed up for the free membership, just to take a peek of how the membership worked.
With access to their Cash Back Booking Engine called Cha-CHING and I could now enter any place in the  world i.e. Phuket in Thailand and it came with large number of results with resorts and hotels to a deep discount and on top of that it paid you “cash back” on all your travel booked online!

After I watched the videos in the members area I was sold.. Not only did we get a chance to travel cheap all around the world we also had the chance to upgrade our membership with a low fee of $25

I got access to the back office where I found a wealth of information and tools and resources and with the Most Generous Compensation Plan I have ever seen in my marketing career...
And most important this company really cares about their customers/members and their marketing strategies will raise the bar in the online marketing world for sure.

Here is what you get access to as a paid member of MyFunLife:

1. "Cha-CHING" - a revolutionary, cash-back booking engine
that pays you “cash back” on all your travel booked online!
(This part is actually FREE for our customers).

2. FunCONDOS – Worldwide, Luxury Timeshare Resort Access
for pennies on the dollar. Stay in luxury 1,2, 3 and 4 bedroom
units for as low as $295! One vacation alone could save you $1,000s.

3. FunTRIPS - we use our Member buying power (Like a Costco)
to buy in bulk (Cruises, Resorts, Air etc.) and create custom designed trips
for our Members every month at blow-out prices!
(Imagine cruise’s for under $100!

Check Out My Fun Life Here

Anyone who want to join us as a paying member will get my personal support to set everything up and start making money with us. And out first goal will be to cover the monthly membership of $25/month and after that the fun starts... (remember there will be work involved but you will be in good hands and if you have any question or problem with our program you can call or email me anytime as long as you are a member.           

Find Our Most Current and Best Travel Deals Here


Monday, August 19, 2013

My First Week With MyFunLife (UPDATED)

A week ago I joined an online company named MyFunLife they are in the Mobile App business that really caught my attention when I first arrived at their website.

Their first mobile app is called MyFunTravel and it gives all their members savings of up to 85% on travel packages around the world and it also pays you cash back on all your travel. This is their first app out of 10 that they are planning the next coming years so this company have a real long term strategy which was the main reason why I joined them.

I started with the free membership and found some really hot deals like this one...

But they also have an option to upgrade and get access to Timeshares all over the world like this one...

Watch these videos from MyFunLife and I am pretty sure you’re not gonna sleep tonight!